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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Claire Babbitt, LMFT

Theoretical  Approach

I use various theoretical approaches to help patients experience a reduction of symptoms and resolution of issues which concern them. This may include CBT, Family Systems, Behavioral, 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: 

Although my approach for each patient depends on the specifics of that patient's need, my  therapeutic approach is broadly psychodynamic. This psychodynamic approach involves  exploring ways in which early experiences may  influence and perhaps distort current thoughts, behavior and relationships. People are often subject to unconscious motivations which causes them to repeat patterns of behavior and make  choices which are not  helpful.

The relationship between therapist  and client offers a confidential and safe space in which to explore problems and anxieties and may help to open up a route to better understanding. This can make it easier to move away from unhelpful or unwanted behavior patterns and to make different choices. The focus of the work is in the present, but what we try to do is to become aware of and try to understand the effect of past experience on behavior and feelings that seem to make no sense in the present. . A psychodynamic approach works well for people who want to understand what underlies particular feelings, anxiety or distress, or problematic patterns of behavior and to explore those aspects of the self which are not easily accessible to the conscious mind, but nevertheless impact functioning  

Long standing issues take time to explore. A focused piece of short term therapeutic work can often be very  helpful.  However some  individuals  want to work in a longer term, more open ended way. 

If you have any questions about Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, you can contact me by calling 858-449-7547.

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